Wind Energy

Over the last two decades wind power technology has been refined and improved to make wind a reliable, cost-effective, and mainstream energy source.

Today, thanks to advancements in this great new technology, it takes fewer turbines to produce more energy from the same amount of wind.  In addition to these improvements in efficiency, turbines are also more reliable, making wind-generated electricity an increasingly important part of our nation’s energy mix.  Wind energy is:

  • Cost-Effective Wind power is not only cost-competitive with conventional electric generation; it eliminates fuel and transportation cost risks over the long term.
  • Reliable Today’s wind turbines demonstrate high availability levels and provide reliable energy even during peak summer demand seasons.
  • Renewable The abundant wind throughout the central US ensures sustainable, low-cost energy that will never deplete in the face of our nation’s growing energy needs.
  • Clean Wind power produces absolutely zero emissions, making it an important hedge against anticipated taxes or caps on carbon and other pollutants.
  • Locally Beneficial Wind power projects contribute to the economic revitalization of rural communities and can help preserve farms, ranches and prairies.


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Image courtesy of NREL

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