Why Wind Energy? Because Wind Works for America!

Wind turbines have become a familiar sight across our region for a wide variety of reasons, including their consumer, economic development, and environmental benefits. As the map below shows, our region holds incredible amounts of infinite wind energy.

The movement of air is a form of infinite, renewable energy and, harnessing that energy, electricity generated from wind saves electricity consumers in this region nearly $2 billion on their electric bills every year.  Other benefits include:

Economic Advantages

  • Low Price and Price Stability: Technological advancement has made wind energy cost-competitive with other forms of generation. And, while the price of electricity from other sources can fluctuate due to variable fuel costs, the price of wind is fixed permanently so it provides a hedge against fuel price volatility.
  • Revitalization of Rural Economies: Wind energy can diversify the economies of rural communities, adding to the tax base and providing new income for farmers and ranchers. Wind investments are helping communities provide property tax relief to homeowners and businesses.
  • Job Creation: Wind energy projects create new jobs ranging from meteorologists and surveyors to structural engineers, assembly workers, lawyers, bankers, and technicians. On a per megawatt basis, wind energy creates 30% more jobs than a coal plant and 66% more than a nuclear plant.  With the growth of wind farms, Texas is also benefiting from a growth in wind component manufacturing and service industries associated with wind energy production. According to the Texas Governor’s Renewable Energy Industry Report, nearly 26,000 Texans today make their living connected to the wind energy industry.

Community Advantages

  • Energy Independence for Texas: Wind energy helps us to diversify our energy portfolio and to reduce our dependence on imported fuels. Using Texas wind keeps consumers’ energy dollars working in Texas – instead of shipped to Wyoming.
  • Supporting Texas Agriculture: Wind turbines coexist well with agricultural operations and livestock. With payments to landowners topping $40 million each year, wind energy helps keep rural Texans on their land, producing new revenue from wind.
  • Local Ownership: Developing local sources of electricity means our energy dollars are invested back into the local economy. Landowners benefit, electricity consumers benefit, school districts (and students) benefit, and local workers benefit.

Environmental Advantages

  • Wind Energy is Dry Energy: After agriculture, traditional power generation is the nation’s largest use of water. Wind power uses no water saves Texas nearly 13 billion gallons of water each year. The same electricity can take about 600 times more water with nuclear and 500 times more water with coal than wind.
  • Clean Water and Clean Air: Breathe easy. Wind turbines produce clean, reliable, affordable power with no air or water emissions of any kind.

tx_80mTexas wind energy is no longer alternative energy.  It’s become a mainstream source of power that is growing our economy – especially rural Texas. It’s reducing power prices for consumers and businesses, it’s viable, inexpensive, uses no water, creates no pollution, and – most importantly – it’s Texas made!

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