Keep Wind Investing in Oklahoma

Oklahoma is historically known as a pro-business, pro-energy state but some state lawmakers are slamming the door on wind energy investments that have made Oklahoma’s electric rates the lowest in the nation while creating more than 8,000 jobs and bringing $1.2+ billion in reliable long-term funding for public education.

Wind energy has invested billions in Oklahoma and pays taxes that directly benefit Oklahoma public schools.

As of July 1, there are no longer any state wind energy incentives – all of Oklahoma’s wind energy incentives have ended.  New wind projects in Oklahoma pay taxes from day one, immediately contributing to public school revenues, lowering electric bills for consumers, creating jobs for Oklahomans, paying farmers and ranchers, and diversifying the state economy.

We’re proud to be in Oklahoma and want to keep investing here, growing the state’s economic potential and participating in a diverse energy mix. However, anti-wind special interest groups, lobbyists and some state legislators would like to create punitive laws that force wind out of Oklahoma, taking the industry’s investments and tax dollars to other states.

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Facts About Oklahoma Wind:

  • $12.3 billion invested in Oklahoma to date
  • $1.2 billion+ projected through 2043 in taxes that directly fund public schools
  • $22 million annually to Oklahoma landowners
  • 8,000 jobs
  • All state wind energy tax incentives have ended

Oklahoma’s State Legislature is currently in session.

Make your voice heard! Tell your legislators you want to keep wind investing in Oklahoma and keep Oklahoma open for all business.

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